Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What not to do While in Court!!!!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Former NFL star Chad Johnson was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail for a probation violation in a domestic violence case by a judge who angrily rejected a no-jail plea deal after Johnson playfully slapped his attorney on the backside in court.
Johnson, known as Chad Ochocinco for his jersey number in Spanish during his playing days, had reached a deal with prosecutors calling for community service and counseling instead of jail. Broward County Circuit Judge Kathleen McHugh said she would tack on an additional three months' probation because Johnson had failed to meet with his probation officer during three previous months.
It was all set until Johnson, when asked by McHugh if he was satisfied with his lawyer Adam Swickle, gave the attorney a light swat on the rear -- as football players routinely do to each other on the field. The courtroom erupted in laughter and at that McHugh said she wouldn't accept the deal.
"I don't know that you're taking this whole thing seriously. I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this?" McHugh said, slapping the plea deal document down on her desk. "The whole courtroom was laughing. I'm not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn't a joke."
Johnson, 35, tried to apologize and insisted he meant no disrespect. Johnson was on probation after pleading no contest to head-butting his then-wife, TV reality star Evelyn Lozada, during an altercation last August. She quickly filed for divorce after barely a month of marriage and Johnson, a six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, was immediately released by the Miami Dolphins. He didn't play at all last season.
I don't know that you're taking this whole thing seriously. I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this? The whole courtroom was laughing. I'm not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn't a joke.
-- Judge Kathleen McHugh, to Chad Johnson
"This is your courtroom. I have no intent to make this a joke. It's not funny," Johnson told the judge. "My life is in a shambles right now and I try my best to laugh and keep a smile on my face."
But McHugh, who could have given Johnson up to a year in jail, was not moved.
"It's not the first time he's behaved that way in my courtroom," she said.
Johnson then was handcuffed and hauled away to jail. Swickle declined comment on whether he would seek a reduced sentence.
Hours later, Johnson sent out a tweet on his verified Twitter account: "Love me through the good and the bad because I'm gone love you regardless ... See you in 30."
Johnson has been undergoing therapy aimed at helping people involved in domestic violence but has not signed with another NFL team. He said in court Monday he hoped that would change in the upcoming football season, but now faces another setback.
"He has suffered. He has lost everything," Swickle told the judge.
Johnson, whose best playing days were with the Cincinnati Bengals, caught 766 passes for more than 11,000 yards and 67 touchdowns during his career. He also played for the New England Patriots.

Lozada stars on VH1's "Basketball Wives" TV show. She was previously engaged to former NBA star Antoine Walker, who played for the Miami HeatBoston Celtics and other teams and was a star on the University of Kentucky's 1996 national championship team.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Qualify for Sentence Reduction - RDAP

How to Qualify for Sentence Reduction - RDAP

The RDAP Program allows eligible prisoners to have deducted up to 1 year of sentence and allow for 6 months in an approved recovery center.

To qualify for the RDAP program you must have a history of drug or substance abuse and the history must be documented within the last year prior to your arrest.

Jail Time Consulting is experienced in assisting inmates in gaining and validating RDAP eligibility.  We can walk you through the process as well as advise you on the next appropriate action.

Those in custody may attempt to apply for the RDAP program at any point after they are incarcerated   However, typical cases are usually not reviewed until the inmate is within 3 years of being released.

There are many details and intricacies of the RDAP program that Jail Time Consulting specializes in.  Call or email us today for more information.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Don't Let Fear Keep You From Contacting Us

Don't Let Fear Keep You From Contacting Us

Are you experiencing the possibilities of providing time away in government prison?  Are you already serving a government sentence? Either way, you have started on a sentence that can be complicated, terrifying, and overwhelming. It doesn't have to be that way. With knowledgeable and expert professionals directing you through the procedure, you can position yourself in a position to reduce the adverse effect a jail phrase will have on your lifestyle.

Call Jailtime Consulting now and don't allow yourself to be just another unidentified and anonymous figure in the wide government paperwork. You can take cost of your lifestyle, and we can help.

Jailtime Consulting provides prison consulting and prison reduction services.  For more information, please contact us today!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jailtime Consulting: Prison and Sentence Reduction Programs

Jailtime Consulting: Prison and Sentence Reduction Programs

Jails are risky locations and an atmosphere of lies, deception and assault. While many believe that they
can depend on the inside jail team for details and guidance, other then when it comes to composing up an inmate for disciplinary issues, those imprisoned soon learn that jail team would rather not be worried, and only do the lowest when it comes to assisting prisoners deal with issues, generally making the inmates on their own to determine how things work.  This is where a prison consultant makes a world of a difference.

By speaking with Jailtime Consulting, you will have an edge over others from when you appear, in
knowing what to anticipate, what the best tasks are, how to obtain health care, and have the satisfaction of not making a expensive error that can have constant results on your whole jail remain such as decrease in good-time, visits, phone use or commissary rights.

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not All Prison Consulting Services Are Equal

Not All Prison Consulting Services Are Equal

Jailtime Consulting provides professional support for defendants and customers preparing to get into the BOP, and contains immediate one-on-one assistance to make sure clients have an knowing  of the problems relaxing forward. Furthermore, our support  carries on during prison time to address any problems you or your family members members may have. In previous times, you may have been contacted by others providing services or support of their own. On the outside, they may all seem the same, but the fact is they're NOT! Those applications are being run by former prisoners who are not experienced in prison consulting or prison term reduction services.

For more information, please contact

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Supreme Court allows Pipeline Crack Cases Sentence Reduction

The Supreme Court in a 5-4 split vote on June 21, 2012 has held that people "in the pipeline" – those inmates convicted of a crack cocaine offense before August 3, 2010 but sentenced after August 3, 2010 are now covered under the Fair Sentencing Act. In order to qualify the offender must be a federal inmate and have a guideline sentence. Eligible inmates may receive a sentence reduction and the average sentence reduction is 3 ½ years. Thousands of federal inmates may be eligible for sentence reductions.

An inmate is eligible for the reduction if they:

· were convicted in federal court – it will not benefit people convicted in state court for state violations of crack offenses

· were convicted of a crime involving crack cocaine – it will not benefit people convicted of crimes involving other types of drugs

· were sentenced after August 3, 2010

· are serving a guideline sentence for crack cocaine – it will not benefit those serving a mandatory minimum sentence of five or ten years without any additional time under the sentencing guidelines.

· are not on supervised release

· are not in a federal halfway house – if you lf-way house, you are likely to be released before the retroactive amendment goes into effect.
            For more information contact Michael Frantz at

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The RDAP Drug Program-New Criteria Needed for Eligibility

On March 16, 2009, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) radically changed the eligibility requirements of the 500-Hour Residential Drug Abuse Program also called RDAP. This program allows for up to a 12-month sentence reduction and 6 months of halfway house for eligible inmates. This is up to 18 months out of federal prison! This program is for those inmates who used or abused illegal drugs, alcohol, and legal prescription drugs such as Oxycontin, Percocet, Percodan, etc. If you are going to federal prison do you qualify?

             Michael Frantz, Federal Prison Consultant for Jail Time Consulting and the Prison Consulting Group stated, “It is now much more difficult to get into the RDAP program and a simple judicial recommendation by the sentencing judge, although useful, does no longer guarantee admission to the RDAP program—you need much, much more.” The BOP is not required to follow or implement the judge's recommendation for the RDAP program. And most of the time they do not. The eligibility criteria have to be met or you do not get in. That is it—plain and simple.

            The competition for the available slots in this program is fierce as every inmate wants his or her sentence reduced. The defendant must have a thorough knowledge of the March 2009 program revisions and must meet the diagnostic criteria for substance abuse or dependence indicated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, and (DSM-IV). In addition, in the March of 2009 revisions, the BOP instituted significant changes to the RDAP program in both eligibility requirements and incentives. There is specific documentation that the BOP is looking for and must be documented in the Presentence Investigation Interview Report, (PSI/PSR) or in accepted collateral documentation provided to the BOP.

            Michael Frantz stated, “We provide that information to the BOP for you and help you lay the foundation for your acceptance into this program.” Frantz also stated that there are sixteen (16) critical steps to lay that foundation and his companies outline each one of them for his clients and prepare them for each one of the steps.  They can achieve what your attorney cannot. Now more than ever, a defendant needs the services of Jail Time Consulting or the Prison Consulting Group to lay the foundation of proper collateral documentation and PSI preparation. It is essential.

            The PSI is the first step and Frantz states that to lay a strong foundation for eligibility and acceptance into the program a defendant should contact him prior to their plea agreement or trial. Some defendants wait until their PSI interview is over and they unfortunately say something in the interview which precludes them for RDAP eligibility.  It is not impossible to get into the RDAP program when a defendant contacts a prison consultant after he or she has taken the PSI interview, but it is much more difficult and problematic.


            Frantz stated that the Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) and the subsequent Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSR) is without a doubt the most dominant and definitive document used by the Court in determining a defendant’s federal prison sentence. The PSI is the defendant’s "Bible", his life history as seen through the eyes of the probation officer authoring the report in concert with the Assistant United States Attorney, AUSA, prosecuting the case. Besides being instrumental in determining his federal prison sentence, the PSI is vitally important with respect to BOP federal prison designation, security level, custody level, program placement, work assignments, bunk assignments, furlough eligibility, community custody placement, inmate quality of life enhancements, and admission into the RDAP Program.

            The Pre-Sentence Interview preparation process is a critical step in the eventual determination of the client’s federal prison sentence by the Federal District Court Judge. It is important that it be done correctly, completely, and accurately. This is especially important since the PSI/PSR, intended as an impartial assessment of the defendant, is heavily weighted towards the government’s point of view. Proper preparation and documentation prepares the foundation for any subsequent challenges to the content of the Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report by the client and his defense team. There may be items in the PSI that will negatively affect the inmate in program participation once he is incarcerated. The defendant’s attorney does not know what these items are. He doesn't look for them. Jail Time Consulting and the Prison Consulting Group do and they assist the attorney in trying to remove them. Remember, the Probation Officer authoring your PSI works for the prosecutor. The PSI/PSR is always slanted against the defendant. You need a professional's help in making the playing field level. Ideally, Jail Time Consulting and the Prison Consulting Group provide effective client positioning prior to the Pre-Sentencing Interview and Report resulting in significant benefits to the client, eligibility into the RDAP program, and a lower net federal prison sentence.

            Michael Frantz stated, Currently the federal government currently has a 97% guilty plea rate in federal criminal cases. Federal prosecutors have over a 75% conviction rate following trial, and 91% of all federal criminal defendants receive a prison sentence.  Isn’t it time you even up the odds and get a Prison Consultant on your side. Mr. Frantz can be followed on Facebook. Go to the JailTime Consulting website.


Michael Frantz is a leading Federal Prison Consultant with Jail Time Consulting (JTC) and the Prison Consulting Group (PCG). The staffs of JTC and PCG provide sentence reduction strategies, research, and many pre- and post-sentencing services for their clients. Michael has authored a bestselling book on federal prison titled, “Jail Time, What you need to know…Before you go to federal prison!” He has also authored over thirty-five JT Special Reports© on various federal prison issues affecting both the inmate and his/her family. They are available on the website. He is a nationally recognized authority on federal prison and has published over 50 articles nationwide. Mr. Frantz has been contacted as a federal prison expert resource by the Fox News Network, the Oprah Winfrey Channel, ABC’s 20/20 news show, the New York Times, and many television stations and radio stations nationwide.  He can be reached at 954-522-2254, 800-804-4686, or at